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Oil Stabilizer

Nanolevel the Playing Field

Part Number: NDT32OS – 32oz
Part Number: NDT128OS – 1 gallon

Operating at levels no other can, Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer reduces friction and wear, increases horsepower, and protects against viscosity breakdown. Most oil products work by making things “slicker”, using chemical additives that break down quickly under heat and pressure. Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer works differently, using revolutionary nanoscale additives. Our proprietary Nanomaterials allow for greater heat transfer, increasing engine oil life by up to 100%.

  • Extends oil life up to 100%.
  • Improves horsepower.
  • Improves thermal efficiency of oil, up to 60% faster in reducing oil temperatures.
  • Protects against friction and engine wear.
  • Protects against viscosity breakdown.
  • Improves oil pressure and reduces temperature.
  • Reduces dry starts.
  • Compatible with synthetics.
  • Extends TBN.
  • Up to 40% reduction in scarring in the 4-ball wear test.
  • Up to 68% reduction in wear metals.
  • Anti-foaming qualities to increase performance.

Field proven in race cars, conventional cars, SUV’s & trucks, marine engines, RVs, industrial motors, class 1-8 trucks, and buses.



The nanomaterials in our oil stabilizer are two-part molecules. One is designed to improve the efficiency and lubricity of the fluid, and the other is built to improve the heat transfer of the oil. The particles impregnate into the metal asperities (pores) of the metal substrate to form a more cohesive complete surface for the oil to flow against. Providing less friction at the surface level. Through this process, our oil stabilizer will not change dimensional tolerances as do traditional products that “coat” or “protect” like PTFE or some surfactants do. Due to the size of the particles, our Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer will not change the flow or shear of your lubrication system allowing the oil to flow normally. Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer will also increase heat transference or thermal efficiency of your engine oil. By doing this it helps to reduce heat in your engine more efficiently than anything currently being manufactured. In turbo or other applications with an engine oil cooler, this ability to shed heat will improve the lives of both the engine and the oil. By removing the heat trapped in your oil more efficiently, you will avoid many heat-related failures and be able to sustain loads as well.

No, when Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer is used in accordance with the label instructions it is safe for all passenger vehicles and most commercial vehicles without risk of voiding the warranty. (Commercial vehicle owners please check your vehicle manufacturer guidelines to verify)

The Nano materials that comprise the formula on are black and gray in color. Once this combines with the dark honey color of the base oil, it gives Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer a darker appearance. Once mixed with the recommended amount of oil for your crankcase, the oil only appears slightly darker than normal.

Yes. Synthetic, semi-synthetic blends, and mineral oil.

To ensure maximum effectiveness of Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer, it should be added when your oil is being changed. Just leave enough room to add the Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer product to your base oil. For example, if your automobile requires 6 quarts, you can buy a five-quart oil change and use the Oil Stabilizer as the sixth.

Yes and No. The nanomaterials will remain behind inside of the metal substrate, but you will not have the maximum benefits or thermal efficiencies provided by our nanomaterials if used in every other oil change.

Yes, Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer works in all engine types; gas, diesel and natural gas.

Yes, Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer will help prevent stiction issues from beginning.

Yes, when used regularly Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer will help to reduce soot and nitration build-up in diesel engine oil allowing you motor oil’s to last longer.

Yes, in 3rd party military testing Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer showed up to a 68% reduction in metal wear. (Results determined through 3 rd party tribology testing)

It can, we have seen up to a 3% increase in efficiency depending on vehicles, duty cycle, and your driving style.

Yes, turbos present an excellent application for Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer due to the extreme heat they generate. Any engine with an oil cooler also has a great advantage when using the Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer.

Yes, most wear occurs in engines in the first 5,000 miles and at startup; so, using Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer from the beginning will maximize results. (after initial break-in oil has been removed)

1 quart treats approximately 5 quarts of oil (5:1) when used with low or ultra-low sulfur fuels.

Yes, just mix it in a 5 to 1 ration.

Yes, air cooled engines are ideal to take advantage of the thermal efficiencies gained by using Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer, and it’s safe to use with wet clutches; although, we have had reports that it took bikes a day or so to adjust to the new oils.

Yes, it will not adversely affect anything with their “double filtra on “process. The Nanomaterials used in Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer are too small to be captured or filtered out by any oil filter currently on the market today and will not impact the performance of Frantz type oil filters.

Nano Pro MT™ Oil Stabilizer reduces wear by up to 68% and vibration by up to 44%. That being said every engine is manufactured within certain design tolerances that may vary or duty cycles that may or may not exceed the manufacturers recommended range. While we know what our products can do through testing and thousands of miles, external variables can impact any engine’s lifespan. There is no magic formula that translates that into the engine lasting a certain % longer; however, using the best in lubricants has proven to extend life for many miles.

Nano Pro MT - Military Tested. Military Tough.


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