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Nano Pro MT Nano Cool

Nano Cool

Cold-Blooded Heat Killer

Part Number: NDT16NC – 16oz bottle
Part Number: NDT128NC – 1 gallon
Nano Cool is the only mechanical technology Nanomaterial coolant on the market. Nano Cool utilizes proprietary, nanoscale materials suspended in deionized water to displace heat faster without the performance degradation of traditional products. It’s safe for all types of antifreeze and has been field proven on everything from race cars to 400-ton mining machines – improving the thermal efficiency of cooling systems.

  • Cutting edge military grade Mechanical Nanotechnology (MT) not a chemical additive; Nano Cool will last the life of the coolant.
  • Engineered for today’s cast iron, copper, aluminum, brass and bronze cooling system metals.
  • Field proven on the race track and in some of the biggest equipment on the planet.
  • Superior heat transfer properties Increase the thermal efficiency of glycol-based anti-freezes and other heat transfer fluids.
  • Reduces or eliminates bubbles or vapor barriers (xs) that form on hot metal surfaces to reduce coolant temperatures by up to 15° F (8.33° C).
  • Available in 6 oz. (NDT16NC) and 1-gallon sizes (NDT128NC)

Perfect for use in all engine types, from today’s high revving gas engines to heavy-duty diesels, off-road, motorcycles, ATV & Powersports, and marine engines. Field proven in open wheel and stock car racing.



Nano Cool is deionized water with a proprietary blend of Nanomaterials in suspension. It works differently than other products that use a chemical surfactant to carry the heat. Nano Cool carries heat more efficiently and effectively allowing for more consistent coolant temperatures, reducing peak operating temperature ranges. Nano Cool IS NOT a chemical surfactant and is a mechanical process dropping water temperature better than products that make the same claims that are mostly chemical based.

The proprietary Nanomaterials used in Nano Cool are darker in color and one of the predominant colors is black. It is simply a function of the base nanoparticles.

Simple. By reducing the heat in anything and everything mechanical, rubber or otherwise it will last longer.

It’s about surface area. The best way to illustrate this is if you place a 500 lb. block of ice floating in a swimming pool on a 100˚ F day, it will melt, but slowly. Now if you break the same block of ice into billions of ice chips, the ice will melt faster due to the greater surface area – this illustrates greater heat transference. Our Nanomaterials work in the same manner but utilizing the most thermally efficient Nanomaterials. The increased surface area of the particles works to move the heat from the coolant to radiator and from the engine more efficiently.

Provided you do not have a system leak or gasket failure, Nano Cool will last as long as your anti-freeze or coolant.

No, Nano Cool was designed to make your anti-freeze or coolant a super coolant that performs more consistently and efficiently under the most arduous mechanical duty cycles. If you have a need for cold weather or anti-corrosive properties, you would still need to use anti-freeze and/or an anti-corrosive in the system.

A 16-ounce bottle of Nano Cool will treat between 2.5 and 3.5 gallons of anti-freeze or coolant.

One 128oz bottle of Nano Cool will treat 12 gallons of water or antifreeze.

Nano Pro MT will not endorse doing this for normal over the road consumer or commercial use. However, we have had some race teams run higher ratios in their systems. This is only done after testing to validate the correct ratio for optimum performance of the product.

Yes, and while seal life was a secondary concern, the Nanomaterials in Nano Cool appear to actually keep the rubber and gasket materials soft and supple as original for an extended period of time over traditional anti-freeze or coolant products – an added benefit.

No, the materials in Nano Cool stay in suspension for an extended period or will return to suspension with very little agitation. The materials in Nano Cool will not agglomerate under heat or load in your engine. This agglomeration issue has been overcome by the technologies of Nano Pro MT.

No not for a very long time, and the Nano Pro MT nanomaterials will go back suspension with very little agitation; far less agitation than a vehicles water pump will provide. To see this in action try this at home, shake a bottle of Nano Cool then pour some of the contents into a small, clear jar (glass or plastic) screw the lid on tight and put the jar on your window ledge. Don’t touch it and see how many weeks it takes for the Nanomaterials to start to settle. Once the materials appear to be settling tap on the jar to see how little force it take to re-suspend the Nanoparticles in Nano Cool.

It varies depending on a number of variables. Testing has shown for the maximum drop, higher water concentrations work best and deliver greater cooling benefits over the lower thermal efficiency of a 50/50 glycol anti-freeze mix. Additional variables can be the amount of corrosion in your cooling system or the mechanical condition of the cooling system. Average temperature drops in NASCAR and IMSA cars were 7-12˚F drops, in motorcycle and ATV racing 12˚F+ drops, in many Class 8 OTR trucks 13˚F+ drop, and the average passenger vehicle with a  50/50 anti-freeze blend showed a 6˚F+ drop. With thermostatic systems in average passenger vehicles, the added benefit of Nano Cool was the ability of the cooling system to maintain lower temperatures at high loads and temperatures. The biggest gains were the overall consistent operating temperature and removals of heat even at idle with no outside airflow on the cooling system.

No, Nano Cool will not void your passenger or commercial vehicle warranty.

Yes, Nano Cool is safe to use in all vehicle types and may help older vehicles, with smaller or older more inefficient cooling systems, avoid some of the overheating issues vintage car owners may experience.

Nano Pro MT - Military Tested. Military Tough.


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