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Nano Pro MT Dry Lubricant

Dry Lubricant

Goes on Clean. Fights Dirty.

Part Number: NDT11D
Nano Pro MT Dry Lubricant can be used anywhere lubrication is needed but dust and dirt trapping oil residues are not. It’s carriers flash off (evaporate), leaving behind a thin dry film of nanoscale lubricants that work at the Nano level without graphite or silicone. Our dry lube reduces friction on metal to metal contacts to extraordinarily low levels – reducing wear and improving efficiency.

  • No oily residue, nonstick.
  • Dries FAST to prevent the collection of dirt and dust.
  • Moisture-displacing film evaporates away leaving a thin dry film of Nano lubricants.
  • Ozone friendly – CFC and trichloroethane free.
  • Perfect for polymers and ceramics.
  • Protects against corrosion and rust at the Nano level.
  • 49 state compliant (not CA compliant)

Works great on garage doors, RV slide-outs, truck hinges, gears, oven chains, motorcycle or bicycle chains, ignitions, motors, firearms, reciprocating sliding mechanisms, and window tracks.



Yes, the nanomaterials break the cathodic action that happens from having two dissimilar metals rubbing together, which creates an electrical charge and sets up corrosion. The nanomaterials penetrate and stop the corrosion to prevent the same issues from recurring. Many of our customers use it to treat their vehicle’s battery terminials to prevent corrosive build up.

Yes, Nano Pro MT™ Dry Lubricant Spray is exceptional for these applications. Examples include: sliding door tracks, locking mechanisms, truck door rollers, hinges, motorcycle and bicycle chains, window tracks, etc. Any place that a traditional liquid lubricant is not desired due to the propensity to collect dust and dirt.

Dry lubricants, or solid lubricants, are materials which despite being in the solid phase are able to reduce friction between two surfaces sliding against each other without the need for a liquid oil medium. The two main traditional dry lubricants are graphite and molybdenum disulfide. Both of which require a layering effect for maximum results. Our Nano Pro MT™ Dry Lubricant Spray nanomaterials cover a larger surface area more completely to form a cohesive film barrier that mechanically spreads/reduces the friction much easier without dimensional layering or build up.

No, only the nanomaterials exist after the carrier liquid flashes away (evaporates); a clean, long-lasting Nano-thin, dirt-resistant, chemical-resistant layer/coating remains.

Yes, people and manufacturers subscribe to one of two schools when it comes to gun lube. Some like wet and some like dry. It actually depends on the application depending on the gun platform and component you are lubing. Slides typically use our Nano Pro MT™ Dry Lubricant and other components that are less prone to dust use Nano Pro MT Penetrating Oil, both on the same gun. Our products are being used by large metropolitan police departments now. (Strict non-endorsement contracts prohibit us from saying which forces.) (See the Austin Weiss video on

Nano Pro MT™ Dry Lubricant Spray utilizes liquid carriers that flash off or evaporate quickly allowing the product to “dry” quickly after application. These carriers separate during storage, and the ball bearing ensures the product is adequately mixed prior to use; much like a spray paint can.

Nano Pro MT - Military Tested. Military Tough.


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