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Nano Extreme Duty (NXD) Grease

NXD Grease - Nano Extreme Duty

Works Best When Conditions are Worst

Part Number: NDT14MG – 14oz Tube
Part Number: NDTCS35NXD – 35lb Pail

Part Number: NDTCS120NXD – 120lb Keg
Part Number: NDTCS400NXD – 400lb Drum
Nano Extreme Duty (NXD) is a #2 calcium sulfonate complex grease with proprietary Nanomaterials. NXD outperforms lithium complex greases in the presence of water or semi-aqueous environments such as rain-soaked truck drive-lines, plant conveyor systems, drilling rigs, and pumps. This one grease can handle everything you throw at it.

  • Calcium Sulfonate formula rejects moisture making it ideal for outdoor applications.
  • Operating range of -40°F to +500°F (-40°C to +260°C).
  • Superior friction, rust & corrosion protection.
  • Designed for light and heavy duty trailer wheel bearings.
  • Excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance.
  • Corrosion protection from road salt and harsh marine environments.
  • Extends maintenance cycles.
  • Highly adhesive and cohesive structure.
  • Resistance to thermal, oxidative and structural degradation at high-temperature applications.
  • Enhance bearing protection in high-temperature applications.
  • Now available in easy to handle 35lb pails (NDTCS35NXD).
  • Field proven in race cars, conventional cars, SUV’s & trucks, marine engines, RVs, industrial motors, class 1-8 trucks, and buses.

Works great for pumps, winches, class 1-8 trailer fifth wheels, wheel bearings, landing gear, and heavy equipment. Perfect for marine use on outboards and lower units.



Nano Pro MT NXD Marine Grease is a NLGI Grade #2

Nano Pro MT NXD Grease uses an over based Calcium Sulfonate Complex base grease fortified with our proprietary Nanomaterials.

Nano Pro MT™ NXD Grease will operate up to 500˚ Fahrenheit and higher.

Yes, Nano Pro MT NXD Grease is a GC-LB NLGI rated chassis and wheel bearing grease that works well under wet weather conditions such as rainstorms, snow, and ice.

No, Nano Pro MT NXD Grease has been designed to perform exceptionally well under semi-aqueous conditions.

Yes, Nano Pro MT NXD Grease will handle the harsh loads and other conditions of a fifth wheel without the drying or flaking off of Moly based greases.

Nano Pro MT NXD Grease is perfect in many applications that traditionally have used Red #2 Lithium based greases such as heavy equipment (construction or agriculture), pumps and pulleys, trailer fifth wheels, landing gear, and more.

Yes, the color of the grease is selected by the manufacturer but Nano Pro MT NXD Marine Grease will outperform traditional “red” greases by a large margin, making your equipment less likely to have lubrication related issues.

Nano Pro MT - Military Tested. Military Tough.


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