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Why should I use Nano Pro MT lubrication products?

Nano Pro MT is the first full-line of performance lubricants, coolants and greases powered by advanced Nanotechnology that has been vetted through lab and real-world testing by the U.S. Military, Boeing Aircraft, NASCAR, Indy and IMSA race teams to name a few. Nano Pro MT went looking for the most arduous duty cycles on earth to prove they are the best. If you can work in the extremes of racing and the military – everything else is easy.

High Temp/ Pressure Grease

It uses a Lithium Complex thickener fortified with proprietary Nano materials.

Nano Pro MT™ High Temp High Pressure Grease can be used in operating conditions up to 500˚F (260˚C) and higher. (Higher operating conditions will result in lower product lifespan.)

Yes, Nano Pro MT High Temp/Pressure Grease is great for this application.

Yes, Nano Pro MT High Temp/Pressure Grease is an NLGI certified GC-LB grease, meeting chassis and wheel bearing requirements and more.

Nano Extreme Duty (NXD) Grease

Nano Pro MT NXD Marine Grease is a NLGI Grade #2

Nano Pro MT NXD Grease uses an over based Calcium Sulfonate Complex base grease fortified with our proprietary Nanomaterials.

Nano Pro MT™ NXD Grease will operate up to 500˚ Fahrenheit and higher.

Yes, Nano Pro MT NXD Grease is a GC-LB NLGI rated chassis and wheel bearing grease that works well under wet weather conditions such as rainstorms, snow, and ice.

No, Nano Pro MT NXD Grease has been designed to perform exceptionally well under semi-aqueous conditions.

Yes, Nano Pro MT NXD Grease will handle the harsh loads and other conditions of a fifth wheel without the drying or flaking off of Moly based greases.

Nano Pro MT NXD Grease is perfect in many applications that traditionally have used Red #2 Lithium based greases such as heavy equipment (construction or agriculture), pumps and pulleys, trailer fifth wheels, landing gear, and more.

Yes, the color of the grease is selected by the manufacturer but Nano Pro MT NXD Marine Grease will outperform traditional “red” greases by a large margin, making your equipment less likely to have lubrication related issues.

Nano Cool

Nano Cool is deionized water with a proprietary blend of Nanomaterials in suspension. It works differently than other products that use a chemical surfactant to carry the heat. Nano Cool carries heat more efficiently and effectively allowing for more consistent coolant temperatures, reducing peak operating temperature ranges. Nano Cool IS NOT a chemical surfactant and is a mechanical process dropping water temperature better than products that make the same claims that are mostly chemical based.

The proprietary Nanomaterials used in Nano Cool are darker in color and one of the predominant colors is black. It is simply a function of the base nanoparticles.

Simple. By reducing the heat in anything and everything mechanical, rubber or otherwise it will last longer.

It’s about surface area. The best way to illustrate this is if you place a 500 lb. block of ice floating in a swimming pool on a 100˚ F day, it will melt, but slowly. Now if you break the same block of ice into billions of ice chips, the ice will melt faster due to the greater surface area – this illustrates greater heat transference. Our Nanomaterials work in the same manner but utilizing the most thermally efficient Nanomaterials. The increased surface area of the particles works to move the heat from the coolant to radiator and from the engine more efficiently.

Provided you do not have a system leak or gasket failure, Nano Cool will last as long as your anti-freeze or coolant.

No, Nano Cool was designed to make your anti-freeze or coolant a super coolant that performs more consistently and efficiently under the most arduous mechanical duty cycles. If you have a need for cold weather or anti-corrosive properties, you would still need to use anti-freeze and/or an anti-corrosive in the system.

A 16-ounce bottle of Nano Cool will treat between 2.5 and 3.5 gallons of anti-freeze or coolant.

One 128oz bottle of Nano Cool will treat 12 gallons of water or antifreeze.

Nano Pro MT will not endorse doing this for normal over the road consumer or commercial use. However, we have had some race teams run higher ratios in their systems. This is only done after testing to validate the correct ratio for optimum performance of the product.

Yes, and while seal life was a secondary concern, the Nanomaterials in Nano Cool appear to actually keep the rubber and gasket materials soft and supple as original for an extended period of time over traditional anti-freeze or coolant products – an added benefit.

No, the materials in Nano Cool stay in suspension for an extended period or will return to suspension with very little agitation. The materials in Nano Cool will not agglomerate under heat or load in your engine. This agglomeration issue has been overcome by the technologies of Nano Pro MT.

No not for a very long time, and the Nano Pro MT nanomaterials will go back suspension with very little agitation; far less agitation than a vehicles water pump will provide. To see this in action try this at home, shake a bottle of Nano Cool then pour some of the contents into a small, clear jar (glass or plastic) screw the lid on tight and put the jar on your window ledge. Don’t touch it and see how many weeks it takes for the Nanomaterials to start to settle. Once the materials appear to be settling tap on the jar to see how little force it take to re-suspend the Nanoparticles in Nano Cool.

It varies depending on a number of variables. Testing has shown for the maximum drop, higher water concentrations work best and deliver greater cooling benefits over the lower thermal efficiency of a 50/50 glycol anti-freeze mix. Additional variables can be the amount of corrosion in your cooling system or the mechanical condition of the cooling system. Average temperature drops in NASCAR and IMSA cars were 7-12˚F drops, in motorcycle and ATV racing 12˚F+ drops, in many Class 8 OTR trucks 13˚F+ drop, and the average passenger vehicle with a  50/50 anti-freeze blend showed a 6˚F+ drop. With thermostatic systems in average passenger vehicles, the added benefit of Nano Cool was the ability of the cooling system to maintain lower temperatures at high loads and temperatures. The biggest gains were the overall consistent operating temperature and removals of heat even at idle with no outside airflow on the cooling system.

No, Nano Cool will not void your passenger or commercial vehicle warranty.

Yes, Nano Cool is safe to use in all vehicle types and may help older vehicles, with smaller or older more inefficient cooling systems, avoid some of the overheating issues vintage car owners may experience.

Oil Stabilizer

The nanomaterials in our oil stabilizer are two-part molecules. One is designed to improve the efficiency and lubricity of the fluid, and the other is built to improve the heat transfer of the oil. The particles impregnate into the metal asperities (pores) of the metal substrate to form a more cohesive complete surface for the oil to flow against. Providing less friction at the surface level. Through this process, our oil stabilizer will not change dimensional tolerances as do traditional products that “coat” or “protect” like PTFE or some surfactants do. Due to the size of the particles, our Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer will not change the flow or shear of your lubrication system allowing the oil to flow normally. Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer will also increase heat transference or thermal efficiency of your engine oil. By doing this it helps to reduce heat in your engine more efficiently than anything currently being manufactured. In turbo or other applications with an engine oil cooler, this ability to shed heat will improve the lives of both the engine and the oil. By removing the heat trapped in your oil more efficiently, you will avoid many heat-related failures and be able to sustain loads as well.

No, when Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer is used in accordance with the label instructions it is safe for all passenger vehicles and most commercial vehicles without risk of voiding the warranty. (Commercial vehicle owners please check your vehicle manufacturer guidelines to verify)

The Nano materials that comprise the formula on are black and gray in color. Once this combines with the dark honey color of the base oil, it gives Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer a darker appearance. Once mixed with the recommended amount of oil for your crankcase, the oil only appears slightly darker than normal.

Yes. Synthetic, semi-synthetic blends, and mineral oil.

To ensure maximum effectiveness of Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer, it should be added when your oil is being changed. Just leave enough room to add the Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer product to your base oil. For example, if your automobile requires 6 quarts, you can buy a five-quart oil change and use the Oil Stabilizer as the sixth.

Yes and No. The nanomaterials will remain behind inside of the metal substrate, but you will not have the maximum benefits or thermal efficiencies provided by our nanomaterials if used in every other oil change.

Yes, Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer works in all engine types; gas, diesel and natural gas.

Yes, Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer will help prevent stiction issues from beginning.

Yes, when used regularly Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer will help to reduce soot and nitration build-up in diesel engine oil allowing you motor oil’s to last longer.

Yes, in 3rd party military testing Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer showed up to a 68% reduction in metal wear. (Results determined through 3 rd party tribology testing)

It can, we have seen up to a 3% increase in efficiency depending on vehicles, duty cycle, and your driving style.

Yes, turbos present an excellent application for Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer due to the extreme heat they generate. Any engine with an oil cooler also has a great advantage when using the Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer.

Yes, most wear occurs in engines in the first 5,000 miles and at startup; so, using Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer from the beginning will maximize results. (after initial break-in oil has been removed)

1 quart treats approximately 5 quarts of oil (5:1) when used with low or ultra-low sulfur fuels.

Yes, just mix it in a 5 to 1 ration.

Yes, air cooled engines are ideal to take advantage of the thermal efficiencies gained by using Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer, and it’s safe to use with wet clutches; although, we have had reports that it took bikes a day or so to adjust to the new oils.

Yes, it will not adversely affect anything with their “double filtra on “process. The Nanomaterials used in Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer are too small to be captured or filtered out by any oil filter currently on the market today and will not impact the performance of Frantz type oil filters.

Nano Pro MT™ Oil Stabilizer reduces wear by up to 68% and vibration by up to 44%. That being said every engine is manufactured within certain design tolerances that may vary or duty cycles that may or may not exceed the manufacturers recommended range. While we know what our products can do through testing and thousands of miles, external variables can impact any engine’s lifespan. There is no magic formula that translates that into the engine lasting a certain % longer; however, using the best in lubricants has proven to extend life for many miles.

Penetrating Lubricant

Nano Pro MT™ Penetrant Oil is rated as a non-flammable product and safe for storage on boats, control rooms, utility trucks, service garages, and more.

Nano Pro MT Penetrant Oil is designed to stay where it’s sprayed. Traditional penetrant oils can run off their desired target, dripping like liquid from a faucet. Then, you have more on the ground than on the job. For example, during a brake job, penetrant oils are usually sprayed in an inverted state, and most of the product winds up on the ground. The foam of Nano Pro MT Penetrant Oil needs a smaller application size where desired, and the foam does the work of staying put to penetrate and lubricate. Nano Pro MT Penetrant Oil also penetrates rust at the nano level, deeper than most chemical surfactants can. The nanoparticles creep deep into the pores and interfaces of the metal, freeing rusty metal bolts with ease; you use less of our product and get better results. (Note: High heat turbo housings and exhaust manifold bolts may require additional time for the product to do its job.)

No, our product is a 3 in 1. Nano Pro MT Penetrant Oil does 3 different things- it is a penetrant oil, a lubricant, and has anti-corrosion properties. When space is at a premium, or you just want to have one go-to product in your garage or shop this is it. Many products on the market only penetrate, we lubricate as well, leaving a surface that fights corrosion.

Nano Pro MT Penetrant Oil active ingredients penetrate metal at the Nano (billionth of a meter) level, which is the smallest measurable level that can elicit a physical change outside the sub-atomic or pico (trillionth a meter) level. All this means is that our particles work at levels never before seen.

Yes, people and manufacturers subscribe to one of two schools when it comes to gun lube. Some like wet and some like dry. It actually depends on the application, the gun platform and the component you are lubing. Slides typically use our Nano Pro MT Dry Lubricant, and other components that are less prone to dust use the Nano Pro MT Penetrant Oil, both on the same gun. Others who store their guns for long periods between use enjoy the added anti-corrosive protection of our Penetrating Oil against the moisture that can be absorbed into case or holster flocking. Our products are being used by large metropolitan police departments now. (Strict non-endorsement contracts prohibit us from saying which forces.) (See the Austin Weiss video on

Yes, Nano Pro MT Penetrating Oil is a true three-in-one product that provides anti-corrosive benefits far beyond other products in this category. It not only disolves rust, it prevents it.

Dry Lubricant

Yes, the nanomaterials break the cathodic action that happens from having two dissimilar metals rubbing together, which creates an electrical charge and sets up corrosion. The nanomaterials penetrate and stop the corrosion to prevent the same issues from recurring. Many of our customers use it to treat their vehicle’s battery terminials to prevent corrosive build up.

Yes, Nano Pro MT™ Dry Lubricant Spray is exceptional for these applications. Examples include: sliding door tracks, locking mechanisms, truck door rollers, hinges, motorcycle and bicycle chains, window tracks, etc. Any place that a traditional liquid lubricant is not desired due to the propensity to collect dust and dirt.

Dry lubricants, or solid lubricants, are materials which despite being in the solid phase are able to reduce friction between two surfaces sliding against each other without the need for a liquid oil medium. The two main traditional dry lubricants are graphite and molybdenum disulfide. Both of which require a layering effect for maximum results. Our Nano Pro MT™ Dry Lubricant Spray nanomaterials cover a larger surface area more completely to form a cohesive film barrier that mechanically spreads/reduces the friction much easier without dimensional layering or build up.

No, only the nanomaterials exist after the carrier liquid flashes away (evaporates); a clean, long-lasting Nano-thin, dirt-resistant, chemical-resistant layer/coating remains.

Yes, people and manufacturers subscribe to one of two schools when it comes to gun lube. Some like wet and some like dry. It actually depends on the application depending on the gun platform and component you are lubing. Slides typically use our Nano Pro MT™ Dry Lubricant and other components that are less prone to dust use Nano Pro MT Penetrating Oil, both on the same gun. Our products are being used by large metropolitan police departments now. (Strict non-endorsement contracts prohibit us from saying which forces.) (See the Austin Weiss video on

Nano Pro MT™ Dry Lubricant Spray utilizes liquid carriers that flash off or evaporate quickly allowing the product to “dry” quickly after application. These carriers separate during storage, and the ball bearing ensures the product is adequately mixed prior to use; much like a spray paint can.

Nano Pro MT - Military Tested. Military Tough.


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